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Timothy Greenfield-Sanders


Born 1952; lives and works in New York City.


American photographer and documentary filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders received a B.A. in Art History from Columbia University and an M.F.A. in film from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.


He is particularly well known for his insightful portrait photography. He has photographed five U.S. Presidents, legendary filmmakers Orson Wells and Alfred Hitchcock, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor as well as former U.S. Secreteries of State Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton, to name a few. Also an accomplished filmmaker, Greenfield-Sanders has directed at least twelve feature-length documentaries including the film, Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart, for which he won a Grammy Award in 1999.


Greenfield-Sanders’ portraits are featured in the permanent collections of many important institutions all over the globe including the Museum of Modern Art, New York;  the New York Public Library; the Whitney Museum of American Art; the National Portrait Gallery, London; and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, among others.


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