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Born 1969, Hollywood, CA; lives and works in New York City. 


Tanyth Berkeley first achieved recognition for her 2002-2004 “Orchidaceae” series, showcasing portraits of women she met on the New York subway and photographed in parks. Inspired by painters such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Hieronymus Bosch, her portraits non-traditionally capture the essence of true femininity.


Whether her subject is a dutiful housewife, transgender individual, or adolescent girl, Berkeley captures the most significant and underlying details of sexuality, sensuality, sophistication, and style.  Berkeley’s representation of women, photographed in everyday environments, captures qualities that redefine the traditional perception of beauty.


Berkeley earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in photography from Columbia University in 2004. In 2007, the New York Museum of Modern Art included her work in their “New Photography” exhibition.


Selected Collections and Exhibitions:


Denver Museum of Contemporary Art
The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Columbus Museum of Art


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