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Born 1953, Lansing, Michigan; lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.


James Casebere is recognized for his innovation in the field of photography. After receiving his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1976, Casebere enrolled at California Institute for the Arts where he worked alongside famed conceptual artist John Baldessari.  Casebere’s time at CalArts led him to become associated with the “Pictures Generation” of  post-modern artists, recognized for their conceptual approach to photography.


Casebere pioneered constructed image photography, building and photographing complex models derived from his knowledge of architecture, art history and cinematic sources. His work has since been an investigation of interior spaces devoid of humanity.  He constructs tabletop models, using simple materials, and makes use of dramatic lighting to produce striking images.


James Casebere has participated in exhibitions  around the world including the prestigious Whitney Biennial. His work is collected world wide and can be seen at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, to name a few.


SERGE SOROKKO GALLERY     1500 FIRST STREET  NAPA   CALIFORNIA     94559     707.203.8494

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